GameJam 2023 submission - Life In 2 Dimensions

What if The Sims had been made for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum? It would look a lot like this....but much better obviously.

Help Mr. Gen live his life in his beautiful 2 story home. Take care of his needs, be they entertainment, food or even bladder. 

But don't let any of your needs reach zero!

Move with the Arrow Keys, Jump with space.
Touch an object or jump on it to use it.

Development log


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Hey, so I know this is super late, but I wanted to provide some feedback. Meant to play this ages ago around the time of the jam. But, for the same reason I didn't join the jam this year, I was caught up in preparing myself and family to move back to Japan. Only just remembered this when I was going through my accounts I follow.

Anyway, great work. Completely understand not having enough time to put everything in just in circumstances that don't have distractions. Then throw in other obligations, family, etc., and yeah, it gets hard.

Would have loved to see this with the mini-games you described for each need. As it stands, my needs obviously dropped to zero rather quickly so I constantly needed to evade Death. Which funny enough was pretty easy, I eventually let myself die after a while. I was in great health but everything else was I guess it's a bit morbid in a way that he just decided to give up because he couldn't handle all the stresses of life...

Good job with being able to get out a submission though, GigaElk! Hopefully I'll be able to participate next year.

Hey, welcome back. And thank you for the comments!

I was interested in seeing your submission this year, so it's a shame you didn't have time to participate. Hopefully see you next year.

Time totally got in the way of completing this the way I imagined. But at least I got something playable submitted in time. The mini-games are still a possibility when time allows.  I have put myself in the position of having too many unfinished projects and no time to finish any. :D

This one is surprisingly popular though, so  I hope to spend a little time updating soon.

P.S. Welcome back to Japan!

Thanks! Glad to be back :). Kyoto this time though. Last time we were living in Kumamoto. 

That would be great to see those implemented! But yeah...hardly any time at all. For myself, I thought I'd have something for the game I was working on by now (3 months was my estimate...ha!) but it's been so long since I've touched it. Got new ideas on how to change it and better coding practices that I think it's going to be a back to the drawing board for that one.

It was the Manic Miner-like graphics that caught my attention and made me curious to have a look. Love them!

Really interesting take on things - ZX Spectrum + The Sims. My demise was a nice touch, it reminded me of Spelunky.

I totally relate about not getting everything included that I had planned. Glad you got something made and submitted though! :) Very well done!