I took some time away from my other games to get a new idea out of my head. I need to make something from these ideas to be able to stop thinking about them.

So, here is Overnumerousness!

Each move you make decreases your counter. Which I guess it's like health. When you reach zero, you can't move anymore and the level is failed.

You can gain more movement points by moving over the floating numbers.

But be careful, you have to reach the landing cube with the exact number state to progress to the next level.

So far I have only my POC ready. This already shows the main gameplay elements. Though in the video I haven't shown landing on exit with a higher or lower number (these are developed though).

I also haven't done the level failed part yet. For that, I  need to work on the non-existent UI.

For now though, I am building a level editor and loader.

With puzzle games, creating levels is the hardest part. A few simple levels can be added in almost no time at all. But after that, thinking up ideas is a nightmare! So to simplify this, I am creating a level editor I can use to quickly set up new levels, allowing me to spend more time thinking of the levels and less time building them.

Progress has been quite good so far though. The main gameplay elements and setup have been finished in only a weekend. If I get more free time away from work and family I hope I can have at least a playable demo within a few weeks!

No promises though. An indie developer should never promise.

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This is great! Glad to see you still working on stuff! Looking forward to more updates!