The title says it all really!

This update, which should have taken a week, took a few. Unity very helpfully destroyed all the animations in the game, and ruined the textures. I spent quite a while putting it all back together using Doozy instead of Modular Motion.

That's not to say Modular Motion is a bad asset. It is an excellent asset. But after unity destroyed it, I decided to switch to Doozy because I needed some extra functionality for the menus and buttons.

After that, I added a camera rotation to help players calculate their moves. 

I made sure that when you rotate the camera, your directional controls are not altered. So 'W' or 'Up' will always move you to the top right of the screen.

As a smaller update, I also added a mouse clickability for the menu. And finally, you can now press the Esc key to quit the game.

There was a suggestion to add a direction indicator, though as I set it up I found it looked clunky and distracted from the game itself. So I took it out until I can think of a nicer way to display it. As it is if you move the wrong way...well, I guess it's part of the challenge! :D

Next, more levels for the full game!

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Yikes, sounds like a lot of redone work. Good on you to keep at it despite the obstacles! I tried out the demo and I like the changes made.  The camera rotation is a nice touch. 

I didn't have an issue with not having a direction indicator this time around but maybe it's because I had already been exposed to the game's  directional controls in your previous demo. Great update and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the encouragement!

Now I need to make 90 more levels........see you in 2025 perhaps....>_<

Wow, 90 more levels?? Have you considered reducing the scope at all?