GameJam 2022 Submission

My second attempt at a GameJam submission, and this time I actually finished something on time!


...Of course by "on time" I mean in a lackadaisical, slapdash, totally unfinished way.

But still....woo!

The Jam allowed 10 days to create a playable game following the theme "Death is Only The Beginning". Only free assets were allowed. But no worries, I quickly came up with an idea and managed to slap together something rather nice in the time limit provided.

After the Jam,  I will add more levels and clean it up a bit. I promise!

The main mechanics here is that the player is a ghost and can easily walk through most walls. But they must take an iron key with them. The key, for reasons that will one day become apparent when I have time to do the end sequence, cannot pass through solid objects and therefore makes for a nice puzzle element.

In this version, there are only 2 stages. Sorry about that. There's the first stage that explains how to play, then a slightly longer but still quite simple level to follow.

Thanks to the free content providers!

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