I have been spending some time each week to designing and implementing new levels in the game. At release there was really only 1 level...2 if yo count the "how to play" bit at the start...and a little message promising more after the Jam.

Well now it is "after the jam" (Might make a good title for my next game 0_0) and there are more levels on the way.

But, have you ever tried designing levels for a puzzle game? Wow, it's tough.  I have added 2 more so far in a week. A lot less than I had hoped. I was intending to have 5 done by today so I could release a mini-update. But no, it's just not enough.

I am working on it, and will hopefully have the update ready soon.

Thanks for waiting.

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Yeah, I thought about doing a puzzle platformer for the jam but ultimately decided against it because I didn't think I could make good levels. I plan to try out your latest build soon!