Emma has died and received a mysterious letter about the afterlife. Now she must get to the doorway, and remember to bring the key.

As a ghost, she is able to easily walk through solid objects.  However, the key is Iron and cannot.

  • Move with arrow keys or A and D.
  • Pick up key with Space.
  • Activate switch with X

This game is unfinished but is in active development. You are free to play and comment on any problems or bugs you may find.

Originally created as a   short game for the GameDev.tv GameJam 2022

  • Theme: Death Is Only The Beginning!
  • 10 Days
  • Only Free & Open Source Assets

Since then it has been expanded into a larger project.

I welcome all comments, suggestions and feedback either directly on this page, or on the official bug report form.


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This Way Up - For Windows 45 MB
Version 5

Development log


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Hey, GigaElk. Just tried your latest build and what an improvement from the jam! I like the ideas you have. I know you had planned to move onto a new area but maybe you could expand the intro area with a few more puzzles revolving around the pipes and water mechanics. They're cool ideas and definitely should be expanded upon.

I really like what you did turning down the opacity of the main character. Such a small thing really helps with selling the theme. Great work! Can't wait to see more progress in the future!

Thank's for the encouragement!

I will definitely expand on the pipes and water. Though I am thinking I should add a "save game" function before it gets any longer.

Sounds great, man. Looking forward to it!