The Jam Ends

Today the Game Jam ended, and it was a lot of fun. Not only developing my own submission but playing and rating other submissions. I am not sure how many I  rated, but  I enjoyed all of the games I played.

For posterity, here are the results from my own game.


What's next?

I like this general game idea and will continue with it.  Although I haven't uploaded it yet (because the Jam wasn't finished) I have already fixed a few of the bugs and added some improvements. There is sound now, and a level reset button for example.

I would also like to gradually replace the graphics with original graphics. That will take a while because I am not good at it. :D

And of course, I will add more levels!

Thanks to those who commented their feedback during the Jam!

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Great work once again! Definitely will be checking in periodically to see your progress. I also decided to expand upon my game jam game and (maybe?) add my own graphics. Actually, the free course I planned to get from the jam was their pixel art course so I can devote a bit of time to that. Good luck going forward!

The Pixel Art Fundamentals course is very good! I went through it but chose Aseprite instead of Libresprite.

I am looking forward to seeing where you go with  Last Stand too!